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See where you are


We start with an assessment of your continuity readiness that is customized to your needs.

The LBC One Two Three:

  1. Start with a review of your existing written plan.

  2. Add spot checks of people, processes, & technologies called out in your plan.

  3. Add a 'tabletop exercise' of your plan as a training and learning exercise.

We deliver a report noting opportunities for improvement identified and recommended actions.

Get Better


We start with the results of your assessment and rank the opportunities for improvement identified.

The LBC One Two Three:

  1. Establish a Business Continuity Steering Team and decide on a scope for improvement.

  2. Run Continuity Solutioning workshops with the business functions in scope for improvement.

  3. Seek approval of the Business Continuity Team for any plan changes from step two.

We deliver a report summarizing plan improvements from the solutioning workshops, and ensure approved upgrades are made to your written business continuity plan.

Be the Best

We teach your organization to combine LEAN Business Continuity Planning (BCP) with a Continuous Improvement (CI) program.

The LBC One Two Three:

  1. Working with your CI lead and BCP lead - select a key business function as a proof of concept.

  2. Run a LEAN waste  workshop for the business function selected.

  3. Assist the organization with implementing changes identified in the Waste Workshop and update the BCP with the now leaner business function.​​

Your company will get immediate operational benefit of the leaner business process and better Business Continuity readiness.